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The Practice of Law: What It Must Be

Practicing law in a grand manner should be the foremost standard of every lawyer or legal counsel.

We have to be always mindful that law is a noble profession. It must be practiced in an ethical way.

Likewise, lawyers should see to it that, besides promoting the principle mentioned above, the ends of justice be appropriately served.

We may say that law, as a practice, is blending with the current technologies, boiling down to somehow commercialization. Lawyers are trending to move to modern-day approaches rather than traditional ones.

We can see that; yet, we, as lawyers, must still uphold that main standard, the nobleness, of our chosen profession.

Money may be a tool for realization. However, it is the ideals, ramifications, and reach that separate law from others.

Law is a dynamic force in our society. We are a government of laws and not of men. This may sound political, but in reality, it includes all the facets of life. So, it is more congruent when we say: we, who live in a society or community, are subjected to it.

Therefore, our lives are governed by laws. It must not be propelled by the instincts of humans. This must be true, lest, anarchy will set in.

Consequently, law, as our profession, must be executed and implemented with dignity and utmost care. We should be the example and not the sample. We should be the solution and not the dilemma or predicament.

We are molded extensively during our journey in studying law. Hence, we were able to reach our ultimate goal of becoming lawyers. And during our voyage, we have known the law as something that should imbibe our ideals. We are a thinking society; thus, we must think and act in accordance with law.

We, the lawyers, raise those ideals to the next level by advocating ourselves as individuals learned in law. As such, even society separates us. It views us as competent persons in a field where no one, except lawyers, can understand. We serve as a guide and as a bastion for our community.

For this, we must sustain that notion. We must be the vehicle for anyone who wants to be guided by, who needs to apply, or who is in conflict with, the law.

On that score, we can, in our own little and distinctive way, practice law in a grand manner.


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