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Realisan Almeda Bernardino Rotao & Associates Law Offices (Formerly Realisan Almeda Lim Bernardino [RALB] Law [RABR]) was founded on March 2, 2020 incorporating PUPian and Bedan lawyers. Our law firm aims to provide reliable, appropriate, and innovative legal services to our clients which conform to their litigation needs in this dynamic society. Practicing law in a grand manner, as our law firm’s precept, drives its lawyers to serve persons, whether natural or juridical, with passion and competence. We believe that it is with the devotion to pursue greatness and endearment with legal profession, that we can best render legal assistance or service in the interest of our clients.

The Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) and San Beda University, as the alma maters of the founders of RALB Law firm, have been known to be law schools which perform well in terms of their passing rate in the Philippine Bar Examinations. For this reason, they continue to produce great lawyers and leaders in the country. The products of these universities form part in the establishment of this law firm to work together for the attainment of their common goal, and that is to apply their expertise or legal knowledge as officers of the court in the highest possible way to shape the future and to adhere to the contemporary norms of society.

Our partnership as lawyers of RALB law firm anchors on our ideals to covet success. Through our collective work, we will strive to achieve greatness by helping others, particularly our clients in the quest for answers pertaining to legal matters. We are empowered to pursue legal battles to give our clients what is due to them. As quoted by Henry Ward Beecher from the extemporaneous discourses gathered in his Life Thoughts “A law is valuable, not because it is a law, but because there is a right in it.” This implies that the main objective in establishing a law is for the protection or invocation of a right. And we, lawyers, on behalf of our clients and/or for the interest of the State, do our duty to maintain, protect, invoke, or make rights known to our clients by giving them the appropriate legal counsel and/or to appear in any court of justice to wrangle for those rights observing constitutional procedure.

Legal Proceedings: How long does it need to take?

As embodied in the law which governs the conduct or ethics that we, lawyers, are bound to observe specifically the Code of Professional Responsibility, we shall exert effort in the speedy and efficient administration of justice. Hence, our firm strives to achieve our legal objectives under reasonable duration by providing insights as to foreseeable eventualities. Undeniably, both time and money are being spent in the pursuit of a client’s yearning for relief or justice. Therefore, as part of our norms, we seek the best possible choice under every circumstance which will guide our clients’ understanding and decision on the matters of their case.

We, as a law firm, equipped ourselves with hard work and dedication to serve our clients to the best of our legal knowledge and capabilities. It is also through our prudence in the dissection of eventualities that we will be able to avoid delays in our clients’ cause.

RALB Law: A Modern Law Firm Handling Legal Complexities


RALB Law endeavors to manage or render efficient, remarkable, and trustworthy legal services to clients, anchored on the virtue of applicable legal principles or doctrines, which adhere to the peculiarities in the legal profession, in the practice of law, and in the ever-changing problems in society.


RALB Law’s mission aspires to serve the interest of its clients, whether individuals or corporations, in the most efficient way of rendering legal assistance or services:

  1.  To make known to the clients their rights and obligations and/or to represent on their behalf before any tribunals, providing competent and diligent legal counsel who sets forth the best possible choice for them concerning the matters or peculiarities of their case; and
  2.   To foster innovations in the practice of law and in the legal profession conforming to the Code of Professional Responsibility or other laws which bestow upon lawyers participation in the development of the legal system.

Why Choose Us?

Starting out small but with big ambitions, RALB Law's focus is to give its clients the appropriate legal representation and work, observing the highest degree of professionalism. Through our passion and dedication in upholding the noble tenets of the justice system and the legal profession as a whole, RALB Law ensures that its partners and associates keep abreast with the latest legal developments and further enhance their expertise. In the words of Benjamin Franklin, "Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning."

Having been established in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, the group does not shy away from adversities and challenges as it strives to provide people with more convenient, effective, efficient, and reliable legal representation and service. Holding the needed expertise and experience coupled with its values and principles, RALB Law perseveres to commit itself in the pursuit of success, greatness, and justice and as the country continues to course an uncharted and difficult journey through recent history, RALB Law is more dedicated and passionate in providing only the best quality of legal service to its clients.

Through the aid of different online platforms, RALB Law does not just aim to make its legal services available at the fingertips of those who need it. It also aims to increase legal awareness to people at large through various legal publications.

Services Offered

RALB Law prides itself in its experience and commitment in offering and handling a plethora of legal cases, such as but not limited to the following:

Case Acceptance, in any field of the law - RALB Law accepts cases based on their merits, whether to advance a cause or claim, or defend a client against a complaint or charges, as the case may be.

Corporate, Accounting, and Tax matters - Have these matters in the reliable hands of RALB Law and ensure that your proper corporate documents are in order. Aside from tax and accounting cases, they also provide Liaison services and help in compliance duties with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Notarial Services and Contract Drafting - The group is also highly-capable in preparing and drafting legal documents and contracts to ensure its legal significance, in compliance with the legal forms and solemnities.

Carrying Plato's saying "Good actions give strength to ourselves and inspire good actions in others" as our mantra, it is RALB Law's primary goal is to fulfill its role in providing every Filipino equal treatment in the eyes of law.

Join us and be part of our noble legal community.

*Atty. Lim has joined the government service....

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